Nuclear energy is the only reliable base-load energy source with zero-carbon emissions. With the growing global targets for reduced CO2 emissions, nuclear energy will continue to play a key role in decarbonisation of global power generation.

The Company’s target is to become a leader in Malawi regarding ESG performance as it continues to advance the development of the Kayelekera Project. Lotus is committed to developing Kayelekera to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, using them as a mechanism by which to define its performance and measure its progress towards those goals.

Managing Director Keith Bowes commented

“As we continue to advance our Kayelekera Uranium Project in Malawi towards recommencement of operation, the Company is acutely aware of our ongoing responsibility to ensure we meet expectations regarding ESG performance.

Kayelekera has the potential to make a positive, value and long-lasting contribution to the local and national economy in Malawi.

By taking a responsible and transparent approach to reporting impacts and progress, Lotus aims to become a long-term investor in the sector and to realise the benefits that can be gained from supplying uranium as a low carbon fuel to aid the transition to a decarbonised energy future.

To ensure we continue to meet and improve on this objective, we are developing a framework to meet global leading-practice in sustainability reporting. By taking these steps, we aim to demonstrate transparency and minimise risk to our business and those impacted by our operations.”